“Reality is wrong dreams are for real”- Tupac

The Age of Enlightenment marked a break from tradition and a shift towards reasoning and individualism. Challenging ideas 18th century traditions through science, skepticism, and intellectual exchange a new culture was formed.  Artistic expression during this time was a reflection of the intellectual and scientific progress of the Enlightenment.

Freeality Productions is the home for artistic expression of the next era of free thinkers.  Broadening the viewer’s perspective,  Freeality Is not only here to entertain but challenge the viewer to question reality itself.  Fostering fellowship of modern intellectuals, skeptics, philanthropists, and innovators.  Akin to artists during the Age of Enlightenment,  Freeality will artistically display the culture of a new era.

Freeality Productions was established in 2011 with the creation of its premiere web series Breaking the Barrel.  Staying true to its origins, original web series and short films produced by Freeality continue to challenge traditional norms while embracing cultural and artistic diversity.  A range of work will be presented on Freeality as a new way to educate, entertain, and spark conversation. As a an visual platform, freethinkers are invited to use and explore Freeality as a creative space that fosters collaborations among artists.  Freeality Productions hopes to mobilize independent thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to showcase their work, advancing a generation.